This is the official Site for all Voter Initiative related information and support for both voters and volunteers.

The purpose and mission of our Political Action Committee (PAC) is to raise the necessary support and required number of signatures through a petition drive to have the St. Petersburg Municipal Pier's Iconic Landmark Inverted Pyramid Structure's ultimate fate put back into the hands of all registered VOTERS of the City of St. Petersburg.


After nearly 2-1/2 years of meetings and research, City Council Voted on August 26, 2010 to demolish the entire Municipal Pier - including the World Famous Iconic Landmark Inverted Pyramid Structure in the next couple of years - to replace it with a "New Pier" that would be substantially smaller in size and scope - and shorter in length (closer to land). The 7 to 1 vote by City Council was at the prodding of the Mayor - who has indicated on many occasions that he would like to see "something new and closer to shore that would cost less to maintain". In fact, just a few weeks prior to the final vote by Council - the Mayor actually favored a plan to build the "new Pier's new iconic structure" on land. He later changed his mind on that.

This 7 to 1 vote was taken after one Councilman, Wengay "Newt" Newton suggested to all Council members that they should first consider approving one or both motions he alone proposed - before making any final vote by Council as follows: One would be that the fate of the Pier should be discussed at an upcoming City Public Hearing - when residents of the City would be aware of the magnitude of the item being decided - and could have advance notice of the meeting, be at a time of day when they could more easily attend and speak - providing the meeting could be scheduled at 6PM - which is the normal time Council has Public Hearings for residents to speak - AND a second motion was suggested to Council by Councilman Newton that due to the magnitude of the cost of the Project of more than $50 Million - in addition to the fact that the fate of one of the City's most highly visible Iconic Landmarks was at stake - that it should go to a Citywide Referendum Vote - to let the people of the City decide the ultimate fate of the Pier. BOTH motions were quickly voted down by Council.

Council then proceeded to vote - many stating that they had received enough input from attendees at various meetings that were held over the past couple of years - and there was no need to have either a public hearing at City Hall - OR a Referendum - where the Pier's fate would then be decided by City VOTERS.

Several of our organizations members, volunteers, in addition to the VAST majority of residents of the City are outraged over how irresponsibly this SIGNIFICANT and very high profile matter has been handled by City Leaders.

Our Initiative Petition to afford each and every registered voter in the City the right to vote as to whether or not they would individually like to see the Pier preserved and refurbished - or demolished - as the City has now decided to move forward with - is NOT in any way to be construed to be a personal matter between our organization and ANY elected City leader. We simply believe this Magnificent and UNIQUE Iconic Landmark Inverted Pyramid Structure - that is situated out at the end of the City's Municipal Pier - deserves more than a vote of eight people. There are currently more than 160,000 registered voters within the City limits of St. Petersburg - and we believe THEIR VOTE SHOULD BE COUNTED on this VERY SIGNIFICANT City Landmark's ultimate fate!.

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