This is the official Site for all City voters to participate in the NEW Petition To Amend The City's Charter to provide additional protection for City owned downtown waterfront property. This referendum item, when approved by City voters, WILL REQUIRE VOTER APPROVAL by referendum for any demolition or construction upon City owned downtown waterfront property as specifically described in our proposed City Charter Amendment - captioned on the face of each and every petition.


VoteOnThePier.com was originally formed on November 5, 2010 as a registered Political Action Committee after St. Petersburg City Council voted on a resolution on August 26, 2010 to demolish the City's entire landmark Pier to the shoreline - without even so much as a public hearing, let alone an actual vote of electors via referendum.

We believed then, and still do today, that City VOTERS should be able to vote via referendum on any significant demolition or construction decisions on THEIR unique and world renowned downtown waterfront. After collecting more than 23,866 valid petitions in July of 2012, the City deliberately and irresponsibly decided to ignore that petition - further igniting additional frustration and anger across the City.

Another group, Concerned Citizens of St. Petersburg was formed very quickly thereafter - to STOP the City's proposed replacement for the existing Pier, and embarked on yet another Citywide Petition named STOP THE LENS. The City was forced to recognize their Petition upon their acquiring the required number of verified petitions from City voters - as outlined in the City's Charter - and their measure to force the City to halt and cancel the very unpopular and unsupported LENS replacement pier was successfully completed via Citywide referendum on August 27, 2013.


As a direct result of our EXTENSIVE experience in running and completing our last very successful Citywide petition drive - we have the direct knowledge as to how to intelligently manage and complete this petition drive - and within a significantly shorter period of time - and at much less cost monetarily. This is directly due to the extensive knowledge of efficiencies that we are implementing into this petition drive - from our experience with our earlier petition.


Based DIRECTLY on our earlier petition circulation experience - we are CONFIDENT we can complete this entire petition drive - including paying the required fees to the Supervisor of Elections to verify every petition we submit to them for verification - for between $38,000 and $40,000 . This plan includes our doing a direct mailing of our petition to the approximately 30,000 City voters - that were already certified by the Supervisor of Elections from the last two (2) successful petitions that were circulated over the last 3 years. These potential petitioners we are targeting are City voters that were already engaged in the Pier renewal or replacement process - either for or against - that represent the obvious audience that should be invited initially to participate in this Waterfront Charter Amendment Petition.

Each targeted City voter described above - will receive a completed petition via US Mail - that will arrive to them - already filled out with their Name, Address, and Voter ID.  ALL they will need to do is sign and date it - and place it into a postage paid return envelope - and return it to us FOR FREE!

Using the method described above not only implements SIGNIFICANT EFFICIENCIES in completing the petition drive very quickly - it additionally enables participating City voters to very easily respond - without even needing to locate an envelope or a postage stamp to return it to us to participate. Then, once the signed and dated petitions are received back to us - they would be opened, prepared and counted - for submission to the City Clerk for counting - and then submitted by the City Clerk to the Supervisor of Elections for verification and final certified count.  This ENTIRE process described above - CAN be completed within (between) 45 and 60 calendar days!

Conversely, if we simply deploy our volunteers and petition drop boxes across the City - as we did in the earlier portion of our previous petition campaign - it will likely take several months and more money to complete overall. We are determined and extremely focused on reaching the "finish line" in this VERY IMPORTANT campaign - and will do whatever we can to achieve our goals as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible.

Thanks for YOUR support!

Tom Lambdon
Founder & Chairman of VoteOnThePier.com